Former SAP CEO Bill McDermott taking over as ServiceNow CEO When Bill McDermott announced he was stepping downas CEO at SAP a couple of weeks ago, it certainly felt like a curious move — but he landed on his feet pretty quickly. ServiceNow announced he would be taking over as CEO there. The transition will take place at year-end. If you’re wondering what happened to […]
SoftBank reportedly ends WeWork ownership debacle with a potential $1.7 billion windfall for Adam Neumann After erasing more than $30 billion in projected shareholder value, Adam Neumann could walk away from the We Company with a windfall of as much as $1.7 billion, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. This is how the company will end, not with the pop of a successful public offering, but with […]
How tech companies measure ‘legal’ In a working environment obsessed with metrics dashboards, key performance indicators, and objectives and key results, the legal function presents an elusive target. Compared to sales, marketing and product, “legal” in a growing tech company can seem an inaccessible alchemy of risk, contracting and policy.
Snapchat beats in Q3, adding 7M users & revenue up 50% The Snap-back continues. Snapchat blew past earnings expectations for a big beat in Q3, as it added 7 million daily active users this quarter to hit 210 million, up 13% year-over-year. Snap also beat on revenue, notching $446 million, which is up a whopping 50% year-over-year, at a loss of $0.04 EPS. That flew past […]
The present and future of food tech investment opportunity There is no bigger industry on our planet than food and agriculture. But despite a stalwart customer base, the food industry is facing unprecedented challenges in production, demands and regulation.
Databricks announces $400M round on $6.2B valuation as analytics platform continues to grow Databricks is a SaaS business built on top of a bunch of open-source tools, and apparently it’s been going pretty well on the business side of things. In fact, the company claims to be one of the fastest growing enterprise cloud companies ever. Today the company announced a massive $400 million Series F funding round […]
Facebook commits $1B to tackle affordable housing in California, other locations California is in the midst of a serious housing crisis with ramifications that stretch across the state. In the Bay Area, the crisis is often at its most visible due to the presence of tech mega-corps and the influx of highly paid tech workers that have exacerbated the problem. It hasn’t been uncommon for some […]
Penske is getting into the car-sharing business, starting with Washington, DC Transportation services giant Penske Corp. is backing a new car-sharing service called Penske Dash that launched Tuesday in Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Va. The service is debuting at an awkward time for the industry. While some car-sharing operations, particularly peer-to-peer services, have expanded, others have struggled in the past year.GM’s Maven, BMW’s ReachNow, Car2Go and […]
Amazon is rolling out a news aggregation app for Fire TV and tablets Beginning today, Amazon will be rolling out a news aggregation app for Fire TV users in the U.S. The app serves up a customizable news experience from a number of different outlets. The list includes nearly 20 names (a number of which are Yahoo sub-sites), including bigger partners like Reuters, CBS, Sports Illustrated and HuffPo. […]
Google has used contract swaps to get bulk access terms to NHS patient data New Scientist has obtained a legal agreement between Google’s health division and the UK National Health Service (NHS) that includes provision to pass five years’ worth of patient data in bulk as part of a contract novation process. If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu that’s quite right: Back in 2016 it emerged — […]
Obvious Ventures makes CBD sporty with beam, which sells cannabis products to the GNC set Athletes looking to take a break from all their worries over prescription painkillers and anyone who’s hankering to try out the new cannabinoid-based treatments for their conditions (without worrying about potentially getting dosed with some THC) can now turn to beam. The Boston-based company founded by two former athletes (who were friends at Boston College) […]
Slack announces new features to help ease app integration pain As Slack has grown in popularity, one of the company’s key differentiators has been the ability to integrate with other enterprise tools. But as customers use Slack as a central work hub, it has created its own set of problems. In particular, users have trouble understanding which apps they have access to and how to […]
Daily Crunch: Facebook fights (some) election lies The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. New Facebook features fight election lies everywhere but ads Facebook made a slew of announcements designed to stop 2020 election interference […]
Food Network Kitchen brings live, interactive cooking classes to Echo Show, Fire TV & more Someone is finally putting the Echo Show to good use. Today, Discovery announced the U.S. launch of its Food Network Kitchen subscription service, which will bring daily live and on-demand cooking classes as well as step-by-step instructional cooking videos and more to Amazon Echo devices, including the smart screen Echo Show, as well as Fire […]
Bird-owned Scoot deploys new electric mopeds Scoot, owned by Bird, has just unveiled what it’s calling the Scoot Moped. At first glance, it appears to be Bird’s two-seater vehicle. In June, Bird unveiled the Cruiser, which can seat up to two people and be pedal-assist or just have a peg, depending on the market. While the Scoot Moped is meant for […]