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7-year-old survived but his family didn't, and a neighbor says the gunman went to the school to kill the boy Volunteer firefighter Johnny Phommathep could hear the trouble next door loud and clear. The screaming. The threats. The gunfire. It was all too clear what could happen. And then it did happen -- a deadly rampage in his small, remote California community of Rancho Tehama.
A boy orphaned by the shooting knew and feared the gunman  Seven-year-old Gage did what the teachers said. He knew the drill.
How a school custodian saved students from the shooter As awful as it was, this week's shooting at a Northern California elementary school could have been a lot worse, if not for the actions of a custodian.
Man to gunman: Shoot at me, not kids Jessie Sanders ran toward the gunman who killed four people in a remote Northern California community, yelling at the gunman to shoot him instead of the children. Sanders said a bullet grazed his right forearm.
Opinion: Do we love our guns more than we love our children? When I was 12, in the sixth grade in El Cerrito, California, one of my classmates brought a gun to school. She was a bright fellow student -- flamboyant, funny, sometimes moody -- occasionally in trouble, fun to play kickball with. I still remember her throaty laugh. I also remember the awful day while we stood on the play yard, as she pulled a gun out of her backpack and pointed it at a group of sixth-grade girls, threatening to shoot.
Trump dredges up his own past with Franken remark As a swirl of sexual impropriety allegations roil Washington, President Donald Trump's top aides are trying to inoculate him from comparisons with the stories of more than a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.
Why did Trump attack Franken but not Moore? When it comes to making sense of President Donald Trump's public statements, especially his tweets, the first rule is to not think too hard. Trump is not operating out of a secret genius playbook. There is no game theory reasoning in effect here.
Kushner testified he did not recall any campaign WikiLeaks contact 
Trump puts decision on hold on importing heads of hunted African elephants President Donald Trump said Friday that he has decided to put a decision about big-game trophies on hold.
DHS official resigns over controversial remarks Rev. Jamie Johnson resigned as the head of faith-based and neighborhood partnerships at the Department of Homeland Security after a CNN KFile report revealed inflammatory past comments he made about the black community and Islam.
Fact check: Trump's bizarre plane story CNN's Jake Tapper, in partnership with, on President Trump's claim that former President Obama "never got to land" in the Philippines. More at
Trump pays legal bills from his own pocket President Donald Trump has begun paying his personal legal bills stemming from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign out of his own pocket, relieving the Republican Party of future payments, the White House's special counsel on the matter announced Friday.
Submarine missing for 3 days The Argentine navy has lost contact with one of its submarines that was traveling off the country's Atlantic coast, the military service said Friday.
AC/DC co-founder and guitarist dies at 64 AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has died after battling dementia for several years, the band announced Saturday. He was 64.
Police officer shot and killed, suspect flees Law enforcement agencies on Saturday searched for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a western Pennsylvania police officer, gunned down during a traffic stop.